Wednesday, August 24, 2011

RMEF ... Mistake Corrected

Good job, RMEF. Now get on board
and hate FAGS with the rest of us.
Holy crap, did you see this?

It would seem that sportsmen who understand the connection between roadless habitat and elk survival and proliferation got through to the thick-headed brass at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and got that esteemed old organization to actually back away from its support of the Fish and Game Subversives Act (also known as the Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act, but I'm a "call-'em-like-I-see-'em" kind of person).

This is fantastic news, and if you take the time to read the comments under this Field and Stream blog, you'll realize quickly where the real hunters in America are coming from. I couldn't be prouder of my brothers and sisters out there who actually took the reins away from the leadership at RMEF and guided the organization in the direction it should have been facing all along. Just think how much grief RMEF could have avoided if it actually listened to its members rather than its buddies in Congress who could give a shit about the future of hunting and fishing in this country.

Now that RMEF is not supporting the FAGS Act, there'll be those who take a few cheap shots at the group for flip-flopping on this issue, but take heart. The Safari Club and the NRA are still firmly supporting this legislation because ... well, I'm not really sure. Perhaps it's because they're doing a favor for the rich white guys within the extraction industry who want more public lands they can pillage. Just a guess, really.

I'm pleased the RMEF saw the light, but I refuse to withdraw my attack against the organization until it actually climbs on board with the hunters and conservationists who make up its ranks and actively opposes this incredibly harmful legislation. What say you, RMEF? You've shown you have some balls. Now show us how big they are.

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